Updating Edits Automatically
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You can queue your edits and save them to the source all at once, or you can save them as you work.

When Update Edits Automatically is off (the default), your changes remain local until you check them in.

If you turn on Update Edits Automatically, AutoCAD Map 3D immediately attempts to save any edits you have made to checked-out features back to the feature source. If updating fails for any reason, the setting remains off so you can resolve feature edits.

NoteUndo does not reverse this command. Canceling a checkout will not discard changes or restore features to their state before the checkout.

You can change the default setting for Update Edits Automatically.

When you create layers for SHP and SDF data, AutoCAD Map 3D may create a local cache the first time you edit those layers. For large files this may be time-consuming. To avoid this, turn on Update Edits Automatically for large SDF and SHP files.

Persistent Locking

If the feature source provider supports persistent locking, and Update Edits Automatically is on, checking out a feature locks that feature; checking in a feature unlocks it. You can release locks on features by checking them out (if you are the user who locked them) and then checking them back in.

If the feature source provider supports persistent locking and Update Edits Automatically is off, use Cancel Checkout to unlock features without saving your changes to them. When you do this, you synchronize the state of the feature you checked out with those in the feature source. That is, you delete new features created locally, and replace locally modified or deleted features with the versions from the feature source.

Revision Numbers

Some providers (for example, Oracle, SQL Server, and MySQL) support revision numbers, which increment a numeric value in the feature every time you commit a change to that feature in the feature source. This allows AutoCAD Map 3D to see if a feature has been edited by another user. If another user modifies a feature while you have it checked out, a revision-number conflict can occur. This might happen if you check out the feature while you are offline, or if the feature source provider does not support persistent locking. In such cases, you cannot overwrite the other user’s changes to the features. Instead, turn Update Edits Automatically off and choose Cancel Checkout for the features that have conflicts.

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