Filtering Feature Layers
Concept Procedure

Filter one or more feature source layers so that only some of the features appear in your map.

To filter the layers, define a query condition or a set of conditions that specify which features you want. The procedure is like performing a search.

Apply a query to layers so that only some features appear in your map

TipUsing the filter can help you improve performance when working with large sets of feature data. You can filter data after you bring it into your map, or you can use the Add To Map With Query option while bringing it in and then use edit query to apply a filter.

You can create a single filter for multiple layers from different data sources, as long as they share the property you are filtering on. For example, if you have an SDF layer of parcels, a SHP layer of parks, and an Oracle layer of hospitals, and they all share a STREET_NAME property, you can filter by street name. You can filter by location for any layers that overlap in space.

You can also create a filter for a group, as long as all the layers in that group are feature layers (not drawing layers) and all the feature layers contain features (that is, none of them are empty).

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