Coordinate Geometry Setup dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify settings to use with the Coordinate Geometry features.

To set coordinate geometry options

Click Home tabDraw panelCOGO drop-downCOGO Options. At the Command prompt, enter MAPCGSETUP.

Set North Direction

Direction From Y Axis If North on your map is not on the Y axis, specify the direction from the Y axis to North on your map. Enter a number that represents the angular distance measured clockwise from the Y axis.

This option sets the ANGBASE system variable.

Elevation Settings

Prompt For 3D Data Input Select this option to have AutoCAD Map 3D prompt for 3D data, such as elevation, grade, or slope. If this option is not selected, all elevations are assumed to be 0.

Input Units Settings

Set the units for coordinate geometry input. Linear Units are US Feet, International Feet, Meters, or Chains. Angle Formats are Decimal Degrees, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds, Grads, Radians, and Surveyor’s Units.

Azimuth Measurements

Define Bearings Relative To North Select this option if bearings in your map are relative to North.

Define Bearings Relative to South Select this option if bearings in your map are relative to South. This is most often the case for maps of the southern hemisphere.

Create Text Log

When you select this option, AutoCAD Map 3D writes the content of the COGO Input dialog box to the AutoCAD Text Window when you create a point using that dialog box.