Note This command applies only to geospatial features, and not to drawing objects.

Use this command to create a new MultiPolygon feature on a layer that contains polygon feature data. A MultiPolygon is a set of polygons that behave as one feature. When you complete the first polygon you are prompted to begin another one until you have created the set.

To create a new Polygon or MultiPolygon feature

The MAPMULTIPOLYGONCREATE command is based on the PLINE command. For more information about the prompts, see PLINE in the AutoCAD Help.

Respond to the prompts:

Specify start point:

Specify a starting point for the MultiPolygon.

Specify next point or [Arc/Length/Undo]:

Specify the next point or enter an option.

Next Point

Draws a line segment. The previous prompt is repeated.


Adds arc segments to the polygon.

Specify endpoint of arc or [Angle/CEnter/Direction/Line/Radius/Second pt/Undo]:

Specify the endpoint of the arc or enter an option. If you have already created one arc, you have the option to close the polygon. For more information about the prompts, see PLINE.


Draws a line segment of a specified length at the same angle as the previous segment. If the previous segment is an arc, the new line segment is drawn tangent to that arc segment.

Specify length of line:

Specify a distance.


Removes the most recent segment added to the polygon.


Creates a polygon inside a polygon. This is considered a hole. Additional rings are islands. Repeats the MAPPOLYGONCREATE command.


Begins the MAPPOLYGONCREATE command so you can create another polygon.