Note This command applies only to geospatial features, and not to drawing objects.

Use this command to edit a polygon feature.

To edit a feature using feature editing commands

The MAPPOLYGONEDIT command is based on the PEDIT command. For more information about the prompts, see PEDIT.

Respond to the prompts:

Enter an option [Add/Delete/Move/Edit/Undo/eXit] <eXit>:

Enter an option.


Adds an outer polygon or a ring or island to the selected polygon. For more information, see MAPPOLYGONCREATE.


Deletes the outermost polygon or rings or islands from the selected polygon.


Moves the outermost polygon or rings or islands in the selected polygon.

Select objects:

Select the polygon to move.

Specify base point:

Specify a base point for the Move operation.

Specify second point:

Specify the second point for the Move operation. The two points you specify define a vector that indicates how far the selected polygons are to be moved and in what direction.


Edits a vertex on the outer ring or an island or hole. For more information, see MAPLINESTRINGEDIT.


Undoes the last step in the MAPPOLYGONEDIT operation.


Ends the MAPPOLYGONEDIT operation.