About the Classifying Drawing Objects Tutorial

In this tutorial, you define object classes, assign drawing objects to different classes, and then use the object classes to create, edit, and export drawing objects. To be part of the object class, drawing objects must meet certain rules when they are classified. If you create a drawing object in an object class, it inherits the layer and attribute characteristics of that object class. Object classes help to ensure that drawing objects are standardized.

For example, you can define an object class called Roads and specify its rules:

Then, only line objects that represent 1- to 6-lane roads can be added to the Roads class.

Object classification is helpful when you create metadata. Although the AutoCAD Map 3D Metadata feature generates basic metadata for DWG files, it is optimized for use with maps that use object classes.

Object classification is useful when you are preparing drawing files for export to a spatial data (FDO) format, such as SDF or Oracle. You can export objects based on object classes. Then, each set of exported objects has only the properties assigned to it by its object class.

NoteThis tutorial is for DWG data only. Geospatial data uses feature classes instead of object classes, and feature classes are defined in the data store itself.

Using Industry Toolkits to Set Up Classification

The AutoCAD Map 3D Industry Toolkits provide industry-specific data models and templates for water, wastewater, and electric utilities. The Industry Toolkits include object class definitions and supporting material specific to each industry. Data in DWG or other file formats can be easily classified to match Industry Toolkit object classes.

The toolkits include:

The AutoCAD Map 3D Industry Toolkits are provided as free downloads to AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 Subscription customers. In North America, the toolkits are available from within Subscription Center at http://www.autodesk.com/subscriptioncenter.

The AutoCAD Map 3D Industry Toolkits are for use only with licensed AutoCAD Map 3D software. The toolkits are subject to the terms and conditions of the Autodesk Software License Agreement that accompanies that licensed software.