Using InfoCenter

InfoCenter connects you to Help files and online resources.

To look up information

  1. Type a word or phrase in the InfoCenter field.
  2. To add a location (file or document) to search, click the arrow next to Search (the magnifying glass) and select Add Search Location.

    For example, search the Help, the New Features Workshop, and specified files at one time.

    You can also search a single file or location.

  3. Click Search.

    The results are displayed as links on the InfoCenterSearch Results panel. Click any link to display the topic, article, or document. To find a command, click the Find A Command On The Ribbon entry.

    You can change some settings for InfoCenter. See Setting InfoCenter Options.

To hide InfoCenter

Subscription Center

With Autodesk Subscription, you get the latest releases of Autodesk software, incremental product enhancements, personalized web support from Autodesk technical experts, and self-paced e-Learning.

Subscription services are available to subscription members only (available in countries/regions where Autodesk subscriptions are offered).

Subscription resources provide interactive product features over the Internet. Each time you access subscription resources from Subscription Center in an Autodesk product, product information (such as the serial number, version, language, and the subscription contract ID) is sent to Autodesk for verification that your product is on subscription.

Autodesk compiles statistics using the information sent to subscription resources to monitor how they are being used and how they can be improved. Autodesk maintains the information provided by or collected from you in accordance with Autodesk's published privacy policy, which is available at

To enroll as a subscriber or visit the Subscription Center

Communication Center

The online Autodesk Communication Center gives you access to the AutoCAD Map 3D knowledge base and other user groups discussing AutoCAD Map 3D.

To check the Autodesk Communication Center


You can define favorite entries in the InfoCenter results list panel, the Subscription Center panel, or the Communication Center.

To add a topic to the Favorites list

  1. Use InfoCenter, Subscription Center, or Communication Center to display a list of results.
  2. Click the Add To Favorites icon next to the entry to add.

    Entries that display a yellow star have been added to the Favorites list.

To view a topic in the Favorites list

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