Working with Survey Data Stores
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Survey data is kept in a dedicated SDF data store. You can add new properties and classes to the survey data store schema, but be careful not to alter or remove the existing properties and classes. Within a survey data store, survey points are organized into projects, surveys, point groups, and unclassified points. Before you import any survey data, you must connect to or create a survey data store.

NoteIf you connect to two separate survey data stores with different coordinate systems, you may not be able to view the survey points contained in both data stores. AutoCAD Map 3D transforms the coordinate systems of the data stores to the coordinate system of the map for display. If the coordinate systems of the data stores are incompatible with the coordinate system of the map, AutoCAD Map 3D cannot display both data stores. For example, AutoCAD Map 3D is not able to display a data store in a New York state plane coordinate system and a California state plane coordinate system in a single drawing. If you use data stores with such disparate coordinate systems, best practice dictates that you use separate drawings for each data store.

Working with Ungrouped Points

All points that do not fall into one of the survey data store categories (project, survey, or point group) are grouped together in the Ungrouped Points node under the Data Store node. You can edit, delete, or move ungrouped points to other point groups. For more information on working with ungrouped points, see Working with Survey Points.