Edit features as polylines using PEDIT

When you are editing polylines, you use various AutoCAD tools, such as TRIM, BREAK, and of course, PEDIT. If your map includes features such as pipes or roads, which are represented by polylines, you can use the same tools to edit them. If you use the default editing options, you can edit DWG objects and GIS features seamlessly. (These options are described in Edit feature geometry directly in a SHP file using CAD tools.)

Basically, there are two ways to edit features in AutoCAD Map 3D:

It is recommended to use the first option and edit using AutoCAD tools unless your organization is accustomed to using geospatial tools to edit areas such as parcels. Geospatial tools take into account the specific properties of polygons. This allows these tools to split and merge polygons and automatically calculate the new areas. For an example of this automatic calculation, see Split a parcel in two and divide attributes.

The illustration below shows a network of water pipes. The image on the left shows what happens when you select one of the pipe features. It is immediately available for editing. This is because the default option is selected (Automatically Check Out Features When Edited).

The image on the right shows what happens when this option is not selected. In this case, you have to check out the feature with the Check Out Features command before you can edit it.


The previous skill introduced the options available for editing features and explained when you would use them. It also included an animation to show you how to edit features using check-in and check-out. The following demonstration shows how to edit features using PEDIT without check-out.

Show me how to edit features using automatic check-out