Styling Drawing Data Converted From a Geospatial Data Store
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To style drawing data on import

  1. Create a drawing file in AutoCAD Map 3D that defines all the coordinate system, layers, blocks, linetypes, and other elements you need for styling.
    • In Map Explorer, right-click Current Drawing Coordinate System and specify the coordinate system.
    • Create layers. At the Command prompt, enter layer.

      For information about creating block and other elements, see the AutoCAD Help.

  2. Change the properties of the layer to reflect the styling you want.

    For more information about styling layers, see Overview of Styling Drawing Layers.

  3. Save the resulting drawing as a template (DWT) file.
    • Click Save As AutoCAD Drawing Template.
    • In the Files Of Type list, choose AutoCAD Drawing Template (*.dwt).
    • Name and save the file.
    • Set the template options (English or Metric and New Layer Notification) and click OK. For more information about these options, see the AutoCAD Help.
  4. When you are ready to import the data, create a new map using the template you created.
    • Click New Drawing.
    • Select the template you created and click OK.
  5. Import the data into the new file.
    • Click Insert tabImport panelMap Import .
    • Specify the file to import and click OK.
  6. In the Import dialog box, under Import Properties For Each Layer Imported, specify the import settings for each input layer (sometimes called a theme, level, or file).
    • Drawing Layer— Select a target layer for each layer in the incoming file.
    • Object Class— Assign incoming objects to an existing object class and map incoming attribute data to the data fields in the object class. The Object Class fields are available only if you have object classes defined in your map. For more information about setting up object classes, see Setting Up Object Classification.
    • Input Coordinate System— Specify the coordinate system of the incoming file. If the AutoCAD Map 3D drawing has a coordinate system assigned to it, incoming objects are converted to the coordinate system of the drawing.
    • Data— For each layer, specify how to import data.
    • Points— For each layer, specify how to treat incoming point objects.
    Note If you import points that you assigned to an object class with a creation method of Blocks, use the Points column to convert the points to blocks so the objects can be classified. Object classification does not automatically convert points to blocks.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Map Setup tabMap panelZoom Drawing Extents. At the Command prompt, enter adezextents.

    The imported objects use the styling information specified in your template.