Exposing a Native Database View in a Schema
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A database view is a virtual or logical table composed of the result set of a query. Unlike ordinary tables in a relational database, a view is not part of the physical schema. It is a dynamic, virtual table computed from data in the database. Changing the data in a table alters the data shown in the view.

Views can provide advantages over tables:

Mapping Existing Views to Feature Classes

AutoCAD Map 3D automatically displays as classes existing database views that are defined in their native databases. If the view includes geometry, it is displayed as a feature class. The following restrictions apply:

If you plan to use a database view with AutoCAD Map 3D, keep in mind the following points :

In the Schema Editor, the columns defined for the view appear as properties, but you cannot edit them. However, you can use the Schema Editor to create feature classes and properties that mimic database views.

For example, although you have an Oracle table, Rivers, with 20 properties, you may want certain people to see only six of those properties. You can use the Schema Editor to create a new feature class based on the existing Rivers table, and add the six properties you want to expose.

Schema Editor allows mapping directly into the physical database objects (tables or views).

Accessing Views from Native Schema

In addition to mapping feature classes to existing views in a FDO-enabled datastore, you can “reverse-engineer” views in native, existing, non-FDO-enabled datastores into feature classes.

To do this, the following must be true: