Overview of Editing Features
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Edit features in any of the following ways:

To edit this... Use this method...
  • Point features
  • MultiPoint features
  • LineString features
  • MultiLineString features
  • Polygon features
  • MultiPolygon features

Use PEDIT for all features except MultiPoint features.

You can also use geospatial feature editing commands for all features except Point features:

Feature properties Modify a feature in the Data Table to change its data.

Change property values for all selected features on the selected layer in the Properties palette.

Feature geometry as AutoCAD drawing objects

Specify that features will be checked out as AutoCAD drawing objects.

Then use any available AutoCAD commands.
NoteIn some cases, when feature geometry is checked out as AutoCAD drawing objects, geospatial feature editing commands may still be available to use on the geometry.

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