Migrating GIS Data (Bulk Copy)
Concept Procedure

To copy data from one feature source to another

  1. Connect to the source and destination feature source using Data Connect.
    NoteTo copy data to SHP, connect to an empty folder through the FDO SHP provider and use that connection as your Bulk Copy target. Do not create a new SHP file in Schema Editor and use the new SHP as the target.
    NoteIf you are copying data to a new SDF file that you created in AutoCAD Map 3D, delete the default schema before you use Bulk Copy. See Deleting Schemas.
  2. If necessary, use Data Connect to specify a new coordinate system for the data stores you plan to use as the source and target in Bulk Copy.

    For example, you can assign a coordinate system to a data store that does not specify one, or change the coordinate system for a data store that has one.

  3. Add any desired joins, calculated fields, or filters to the Display Manager layers you plan to copy.

    Bulk Copy will copy the resulting data to the target data store.

  4. In Map Explorer, click Tools Bulk Copy.
  5. Under From, select a feature source in the Connection Name list. This is the source, from which the data will be copied.

    Select from all Display Manager layers and connected feature sources. Filtered layers display a filter icon in the list.

    If you select a survey data store, you can select only a survey point group as the source. To copy multiple point groups, copy them one by one.

    You can also drag the originating feature source onto the target source in the Data Connect dialog box to initiate a Bulk Copy. The item you drag becomes the From entry and the item you drop it on becomes the To entry.

  6. If the selected feature source supports versioning, select a version in its Version list.
  7. Under To, select the destination feature source in the top list.
  8. If the destination feature source supports versioning, select a version in its Version list.

    The schema trees in Bulk Copy update automatically as you make your choices.

  9. Under Select Items To Copy, check the boxes for the individual schemas, features classes, and properties to copy to the destination feature source.

    Selecting any schema element automatically selects all its child elements (for example, selecting a feature class also selects all its properties). A square (instead of a check) in a check box means that some of the children of the element are not selected.

    Calculated fields are appended after the native properties. If there are joined fields, they are grouped under a node representing the join. If there are multiple joins, they appear as they do in the Manage Layer Data dialog box.

    In the right-hand tree, AutoCAD Map 3D displays a default name for the item. Select the default name and enter a different one if you want.

    The Info area displays the Class (or Connection), Source Coordinate System, Filter Info, and Target Coordinate System. If there are multiple coordinate systems for the classes under the selected connection, the coordinate system field displays “VARIES.”

  10. Select the error types to ignore during processing. For any error types whose boxes are not selected, Bulk Copy stops processing and reports errors when they occur.

    If the coordinate system is unknown, it is best to select Ignore Coordinate System Error. For more information about these options, see Bulk Copy.

    When you copy geodetic polygons with clockwise rings to SQL Server Spatial, check Ignore Unmatched Data Or Geometric Type Errors to adjust the geometry and orientation properly.

  11. To save the current settings in an XML mapping file, click Save under Schema Mapping. Click Load to open a saved mapping file.
    NoteBefore loading a mapping file, connect to the source and destination feature sources.
  12. To begin the Bulk Copy operation, click Copy Now.

    The data for the specified schema elements is copied from the source feature source to the destination feature source.

    Bulk Copy displays the progress of the operation. If you click Cancel during the operation, the copying process stops but the data does not return to its original state. There is no way to roll back the data from within AutoCAD Map 3D once the process is initiated.

    When the operation is complete, Bulk Copy reports the results. Click View Log in the Bulk Copy Results dialog box to see details.