Exercise 2: Connect to the resulting SDF file

In this exercise, you connect to the new SDF file you created and see the feature classes that were created from the three object classes.

NoteThis exercise uses the SDF file you created in Exercise 2: Connect to the resulting SDF file.

To connect to an SDF file

  1. In AutoCAD Map 3D, create a map. Click New Drawing. Select the map2d.dwt template and click Open.
  2. In the new map file, in the Task pane, click Data Connect To Data.
  3. In the Data Connect window, do the following:
    • Under Data Connections By Provider, click Add SDF Connection.
    • For Source File, click the file icon next to the field.
    • Navigate to the SDF file you created in Exercise 1: Export object classes to SDF.
    • Select the file and click Open.
    • Click Connect.

      Specify the file to connect to.

    • Under Add Data To Map, select all three feature classes listed.

      Select the feature classes and add them to the map.

    • Click Add To Map.
  4. Close the Data Connect window.
  5. In the Task pane, click the Display Manager tab to see the three feature classes.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 3: Style the new feature classes.