Lesson 2: Clean Up Your Drawings

Drawings can contain various kinds of errors that make accurate mapping difficult. For example, digitizing from a paper map can produce lines that were actually creases in the paper.

Drawings edited by multiple people can contain duplicate lines or objects. Finding duplicate objects in the same location can be nearly impossible without the right tools.

If lines in your drawing do not connect precisely at endpoints, data that appears to be precise can actually be inaccurate. Locating these issues visually can take hours.

AutoCAD Map 3D has an option called Drawing Cleanup to help you correct common geometry errors. In this lesson, you clean up a street map by deleting duplicate objects and extending undershoots. It is best to perform each operation separately, so you can see the result of each operation before performing the next one.

Optionally, you can use a cleanup profile to automate the drawing cleanup process with scripts or to share settings with other users.