Lesson 3: Add Drawing Objects to a Map

When you add drawing objects to a map, you use a query to specify the objects you want. In this lesson, you add objects from multiple source drawings to a single map. You use three types of queries:

Attach multiple source drawings

Attaching a drawing to a map does not add any objects to the map. It makes the drawing data available to the map. You can then preview or add the objects.

Preview drawing objects

Use Quick View or a Preview mode query to display objects in an attached drawing temporarily. For example, you can use a location preview query to see all objects that fall within the radius of a circle that you draw.

These objects cross a circle in a location query.

Use queries to add objects

Use Draw mode queries to retrieve information in attached drawing files and add them to your drawing. In this lesson, you use two types of Draw mode queries:

Alter object properties with a query

A special type of query allows you to alter the properties of the objects as you add them to the map. For example, you can break out objects into layers, changing the layer property for the objects as you add them to your map.