Exercise 1: Create the Export Profile

The batch file wil specify an export profile (a .EPF file) to use for each export operation. An export profile stores settings in the Export dialog box. When you run the batch file, it applies these settings to each DWG file it exports.

Create the export profile within AutoCAD Map 3D by setting options in the Export dialog box, as you would for any normal export operation.

To create the export profile

  1. Create a folder for the files to export.

    You will specify this folder as the location for the export profile, batch file, and script file.

  2. Start AutoCAD Map 3D.
  3. In AutoCAD Map 3D, click Output tab Data Transfer panel Map 3D Export.
  4. In the Export Location dialog box, set the file type to SDF and specify any location and file name. Click OK.

    You will not use the file created by the export operation itself, so the file name and location do not matter.

  5. In the Export dialog box, specify the settings to save.

    You can specify settings on any tab of the dialog box. An export profile does not store the current file name or the current selection set.

  6. To create the export profile, under Saved Profiles, click Save.
  7. Enter a location and name for the profile.

    Save the export profile in the same folder as the DWG files to export.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Create the Script File.