Moving DWG Data to a Spatial Data Store and Back Again
Concept Procedure

You can move AutoCAD drawing data from AutoCAD Map 3D to SDF or Oracle and back into AutoCAD Map 3D. For example, you can export drawing objects to an SDF file to give to someone who must change those objects. Once the changes are made, you can incorporate them into your original drawing file.


If you connect to the data, rather than import it, and extract the geometry from the feature data, the attributes are lost.

Bringing the Data Back Into AutoCAD Map 3D

After changes have been made to the data, you can bring it back into AutoCAD Map 3D in one of the following ways:

If you plan to reimport SDF data using either method, you will get the best results if you export only the properties you want edit to a multi-class SDF file. You can then map the properties to separate layers when you import the SDF file.

Preserving Visual Styles

When you export styled drawing data, the visual styling is lost. You can use two alternative methods to preserve styling information:

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