Making an Image Transparent
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To make a raster image translucent

  1. Add the raster to AutoCAD Map 3D.

    You can use any type of raster, including a WMS image. The image does not need to be transparent or have an opacity setting already.

  2. Right-click the layer containing the image and choose Save Layer.

    Save the layer to a .layer file.

  3. Open the resulting .layer file in a text editor, such as Notepad, and find the <FeatureName> entry.
  4. Just under the <FeatureName> entry, add the opacity setting, using the following syntax:


    An opacity setting of 1 makes the layer completely opaque. A setting of .1 makes it virtually transparent.

  5. Save the .layer file.
  6. In AutoCAD Map 3D, switch the Task Pane to Display Manager and remove the original raster layer.
  7. Add any other entities to your map that will appear on layers beneath the translucent image, and theme or style those layers.
  8. Click Data Load Layer and select the .layer file you edited.

    The translucent raster image overlays the opaque layers, and they appear beneath it.