Create ArcSDE Features from Unclassified Drawings

Bring in an unstructured DWG file, clean it up, and georeference it. Repair and classify the data, and export it to a geospatial file format (SDF). Then copy the resulting geospatial data to a central GIS repository (ArcSDE).

Open or create a drawing using a map template

Attach the DWG files to use

Assign a coordinate system to the current map and all attached drawings, so objects are positioned properly

Use a Location condition and specify “All” to add all objects in the attached DWG files to your map

Use Drawing Cleanup to correct common map errors resulting from surveying, digitizing, and scanning errors

Select a sample object, define its properties, and specify allowable settings

Assign the drawing objects to the classes you created

Save the drawing data in a geospatial format, based on object classes

Use Bulk Copy to copy the data to another spatial data format