Copy Features from an FDO Feature Source to a DGN File

Get features and related attributes from a database and export them to DGN 8 format.

NoteThe coordinate system for the map automatically matches your database. You do not have to assign a coordinate system to the map itself, unless you want to transform the data to a different coordinate system. Edit in the same coordinate system as your database, when possible. If the data is in different coordinate systems, edit one layer at a time. That way, you are always editing in a coordinate system that matches your data.

Open or create a drawing using a map template

Set up the database to work with AutoCAD Map 3D and assign the proper privileges and credentials

Each feature class you choose becomes a display layer in the map

Filter display layers to display a subset of the features in your map

Save each display layer as an SDF file

Open or create a drawing using a map template

Import the SDF files containing the layer information to convert the SDF data to DWG data

Use AutoCAD styling features to change the appearance of the drawing objects

Export the styled DWG objects to MicroStation Design Version 8