Import Vector Data from Another File Format

If you have map data that is not in DWG format, you can import it into AutoCAD Map 3D. Importing converts data to drawing objects, while maintaining coordinate system information and links to data. You can limit the import to a specific area in the map or assign incoming data to existing AutoCAD Map 3D object classes.

Open or create a drawing using a map template

Imported objects use the coordinate system in the map

If the objects to import are linked to a database table, attach that table to the map, and create a link template for it

For each incoming layer, specify the target layer, the original coordinate system, how to store the data, and an object class

Use Drawing Cleanup to correct geometry errors resulting from surveying, digitizing, and scanning errors

The drawing objects you brought in use the new coordinate system, but the original drawing is unchanged.

NoteChanges you make to imported objects do not affect the original map. To edit features and update the original source with your changes, connect to the data rather than import it. See Bringing in GIS Features.