Add Features to an Existing ArcSDE Feature Class

You can add a new feature to an existing feature class in an ArcSDE database.

NoteThe coordinate system for the map automatically matches your database. You do not have to assign a coordinate system to the map itself, unless you want to transform the data to a different coordinate system. Edit in the same coordinate system as your database, when possible. If the data is in different coordinate systems, edit one layer at a time. That way, you are always editing in a coordinate system that matches your data.

Open or create a drawing using a map template

Connect to the data source for the new features and create a version if your organization requires it

Select the layer representing the feature class for the new feature. Create the feature

Enter feature attributes in the Data Table

Queue your edits to save to the source all at once, or save them as you work

Save your changes and additions to the feature source and release any locks