Use Themes to Reveal Patterns in Data

A theme can help you analyze map data and reveal patterns or trends in the data. Themes vary the display of your data based on properties or attributes of the data. For example, you can use different colors for different soil conditions or bigger dots for larger cities. The procedure varies, depending on whether you are theming features, drawing objects, or surfaces.

Add layers from features sources, drawings, or raster-based surfaces

Add any required properties (for example, population density or traffic rates)

Add attribute data for the new properties

Link attributes to objects using a link template, or store data in the drawing using object data

The theme is based on the values of the properties for the feature

The theme is based on the values of the attribute data for the object

The theme is based on the surface height (elevation), slope, or aspect (direction of slope)

Specify the label text, font, size, format, color, background style and color, alignment, and rotation

Display attribute text for drawing objects using annotation or as part of a query

List the conditions for the theme and explain its colors, symbols, line patterns, shadings, and annotation