Style Surfaces

Style a raster-based surface using hill shading, vertical exaggeration, and contour lines to show elevation. View the map in 3D, which realistically drapes any 2D data on the surface. Use AutoCAD visualization tools to display different views in 3D, so you can analyze the surface from different perspectives. Theme on height, slope, or aspect.

Connect to a DEM (Digital Elevation Model), ESRI Grid, or DTED (Digital Terrain Elevation Data)

Cast sunlight across a surface from a direction and angle, and control the display of extreme elevation changes

Each contour line connects points of equal elevation on the surface

Get a realistic view of all the data in 3D

Use 3D orbit, 3D pan and zoom, and 3D swivel. Walk or fly through and record motion path animations

If you are zooming in, use the Zoom To Extents option to improve the display

Theme on height, slope, or aspect to analyze the surface