Setting Metadata Options
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You can select the metadata standard you want to work with, set template options, specify the precision to which the metadata measures your map’s latitude/longitude values, and indicate whether or not you want the metadata for a data source to be updated as soon as you select it in the Metadata Viewer.

Setting your metadata standard

The default standard is FGDC for AutoCAD Map 3D in the United States, and ISO 19139 for all other countries. You can change the standard in the Metadata Options dialog box.

Keeping your metadata current

When Auto Update is selected, metadata for a data source is updated as soon as you select it in the Metadata Viewer. If you import metadata from another AutoCAD Map 3D user, and remain connected to the data source, the metadata is updated when the data is updated. For example, if your organization keeps classified DWGs on a shared network, and someone updates an object in a DWG, the metadata you have imported from that object updates automatically.

If you do not always want to update your metadata automatically (for example, if you want to check it for accuracy first), do not select the Auto Update check box. Instead, click Update All each time you want to refresh your metadata.

Saving time with metadata templates

Using metadata templates prevents repetitive data entry, saving time do perform your other job functions. You can save frequently used metadata in a template to reuse as often as necessary.

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