Create Buffer dialog box

Use this dialog box to specify the buffer distance and merging options for buffering features in AutoCAD Map 3D.

To create a buffer

Analyze tabFeature panelFeature Buffer At the Command prompt, enter mapfdobuffercreate

The Create Buffer dialog box has the following options:

Select Features

If you have not already selected features to buffer, click to select the features interactively on your map.

Buffer Distance

Enter a value, or click to enter a distance interactively on your map. If you later change the Units setting, the Distance will update to reflect the new units.


Use the measurement units specified by the coordinate system assigned to your map, or choose a different unit from the list.

(Specify buffer distance)

Click to pick the buffer distance interactively on your map.

Output To Layer

Specify the Display Manager layer to contain the buffer. If you created other buffers in this map, you can choose one of their layers from the list. By default, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a new layer for your buffer.

Save To SDF

Specify the name of the SDF file to store the buffered features. By default, the buffer file is saved in the current drawing’s saved location.

Merge Results

Select No Merging and overlapping buffers are not merged. Select Merge All Buffers and all overlapping buffers are merged into a single buffer, then combined into a single multi-polygon. Select Merge Overlapping Buffers and only overlapping buffers are merged.