Working with SHP Data
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The standalone ESRI SHP file format supports GIS data using the following file types:

You must have either a SHP or DBF file present to connect to data or work with schemas. Otherwise, these files are optional. If they do not exist initially, the system creates files with empty records.

Characteristics of the SHP File Format

The Schema Editor treats each SHP file, and its associated DBF file, as a feature class with a single geometry property and, optionally, data attribute properties. The SHP file format supports a single writer at any time, but can have multiple readers.

SHP files can include only one geometry type per file, but you can store and copy multiple SHP files in a folder. You can use a configuration file to support multiple schemas when you establish your connection to a folder containing SHP files.

What SHP Schemas Support

A SHP schema can support the following:

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