Citation Information Editor (FGDC Metadata)
NoteInformation about each field is displayed at the bottom of the dialog box when you click in the field.

Use the Citation Information Editor to enter information about published geospatial data using the United States FGDC CSDGM Standard field definitions.

To edit a compound metadata element

In the Display Manager, select a layer. Click Tools View Metadata.

The Citation Information Editor has the following sections:

General Information


Enter a title. The NOAA Coastal Services Center suggests including a topic, time period, and place. You can also include the file name, data source, and data resolution (if applicable). AutoCAD Map 3D populates the field with the name of the selected resource in the Metadata Viewer.


Enter the originator, generally the organization that created the resource. For example, specify a county planning department. You can include more than one originator. Put “ed.” after the name of an editor, and “comp.” after the name of a compiler. Use the Record Navigator to locate a previous entry, delete an entry, or add a new one.

Publication date

Enter a date in one of the following formats:

  • ccYYYYY
  • cdYYYYY

If you do not know the date, select an option in the drop-down list.

Publication time

Enter a time in one of the following formats:

  • HHMMSSSSshhmm

Enter the version of the publication.

Geospatial data presentation form

Specify the format or media used to present the data. Select an option from the drop-down list or enter an FGDC-approved alternative. If you enter an alternative, it is saved in the current field but is not added to the list.

Other citation details

Enter additional information to help users access and use your data.

Online linkage

Specify the URL of the online resource where the data is published. Use the Record Navigator to locate, add, or delete URLs.

Series Information

Series name

If the data is part of a series, enter the name of the series.

Issue identification

If the data is part of a series, enter the issue number.

Publication Information

Publication place

Enter the city in which the data was published. If the name is not unique, include the state or province and country.


Specify the person or organization that published the data.

Large Work Citation

Larger work citation

If the data is part of a larger work with several data sets that require their own citation information, click Detail to launch an empty Citation Information Editor. Do this for as many data sets as needed.

FGDC Field ID Field Title Short Name Data Type
8.4 Title title String
8.1 Originator origin String
8.2 Publication date pubdate Date/time
8.3 Publication time pubtime Date/time
8.5 Edition edition String
8.6 Geospatial data presentation form geoform String
8.9 Other citation details othercit String
8.10 Online linkage onlink URL
8.71 Series name sername String
8.72 Issue ID issue String
8.81 Publication place pubplace String
8.82 Publisher publish String
8.11 Larger work citation lworkcit Various