Overview of the Data Table
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Use the Data Table to access, view and edit data for multiple feature sources in a single window. The Data Table displays the data for all the features you have added to your map.

NoteBefore you can access the Data Table, you must connect to the feature sources you want to view or edit and add the data to the map.

You can isolate layers of data, sort, zoom to and edit data directly while connected to a “live” feature source, or view, attach and edit attribute data by linking to a spreadsheet application.

Some data fields are “constrained” to allow only certain values. When you enter values for constrained fields, you are prompted to enter only valid values. For example, the prompt might tell you to enter only values between 1 and 10.

You can join attribute data from a separate data source to a layer in the Data Table. You can use native and joined data to form the basis of the new, calculated field. Calculated fields are available only within AutoCAD Map 3D. They are not saved back to the original data store.

NoteThe Data Table uses your system’s default decimal separator for both display and exporting to CSV files. You can specify the default decimal separator in your Regional and Language Options in the Windows Control Panel.

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