Displaying Continuous Distance
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
NoteThis procedure applies only to drawing objects. It is not available for geospatial features.

To display the distance between points

  1. Click Analyze tabInquiry panelContinuous Distance. At the Command prompt, enter mapcgcdist.
  2. Select Base or Continuous.
    • Base: Always measures the distance from the first point you select to each of the additional points you select.
    • Continuous: Measures the distance from one point to the next.
  3. Select two points to display the distance between the points.
  4. Select another point. If you selected Base, AutoCAD Map 3D displays the distance from first (or base) point to the new point. If you selected Continuous, AutoCAD Map 3D displays the distance from the last point to the new point.
  5. When you finish selecting points, press Enter to view the total of the distances.

    The results of the calculation are displayed on the command line. If you do not see the command line, press Ctrl + 9 to display it.