Finding and Filtering Data in the Data Table
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

Use a filter in the Data Table to display only the features or records you want to work with.

NoteWhen viewing joined data, the Data Table filter function is disabled. You cannot use a filter on joined data.

Start by identifying the column whose values determine whether a feature or record will be included in the results. Then specify the value or string to look for in that column.

The records that match your criteria are selected in the Data Table and highlighted in your map.

For example, to find only the telephone poles with transformers, your filter would specify PoleAttachments equal to Transformer; or to find only the commercial districts in a city, you would specify Land Use equal to Commercial.

Finding and selecting parcel features with STNAME = AIRPORT RD

Use Filter with Auto-Zoom to magnify the resulting features in the map.

To remove a filter, specify another one, or click Clear Filter in the Data Table.

Searching to Select Data in the Data Table

Use Search To Select in the Data Table to find data that meets conditions that you specify. For example, you can search for all parcels with an area greater than five acres. When AutoCAD Map 3D completes the search, it highlights the data rows in the Data Table and the associated features on your map.

Search supports more advanced criteria, and lets you combine multiple criteria and search across multiple feature classes in your map.

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