Adding an Image from a WMS (Web Map Service)
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To add a WMS-based image to your map

  1. In Display Manager, click DataConnect To Data.
  2. In the Data Connect window, select Add WMS Connection in the Data Connections By Provider list.
  3. Under Connection Name, type a name for this connection.

    You can give the connection any name you like. This name appears in Map Explorer as the name of the feature source.

  4. Specify the URL for the WMS server. Click the down arrow to choose from a list of recently-used URLs.
  5. Specify the WMS version of the data you want.

    The Open GIS Consortium updates the WMS format periodically, so there are multiple versions. AutoCAD Map 3D requests the highest version (currently 1.3.0) by default. If you do not change this setting, the server will provide the highest version it supports. Some servers support multiple WMS versions, each corresponding to a different set of capabilities and resulting layers. If you must use a specific version of the image, select it from the list. The server may or may not support the version you request.

  6. Click Connect.
  7. If necessary, enter your user name and password.
  8. In the Add Data To Map area, select the images to include.

    If this source contains only a single image, that image is selected automatically. If it contains multiple images, you can right-click any of them and select Select All or Select None.

  9. For each image you select, do the following:
    • Click the Image Format entry to the right of the image name to choose the format for the image you add to your map.

      The available format types include PNG, TIF, JPG, and BMP.

    • Click the Server CS Code entry for the image and choose from the available coordinate systems for the server (the EPSG codes).

      A WMS layer can support multiple coordinate systems. AutoCAD Map 3D may not recognize all the EPSG codes the WMS server provides. If this occurs, you can choose the EPSG code that best serves your purposes.

      WMS layers inherit supported EPSG values from their parent objects, so a child layer (one indented below a parent layer in the list) may have both its own EPSG setting and the setting of its parent.

    • Click the Layer CS Code entry to choose the coordinate system for the layer.

      Unless you know the coordinate system of the source image, do not change the default. AutoCAD Map 3D will automatically convert the image to the coordinate system for your map when it adds the image.

    • Click the Style entry to choose one of the available styles.
    • Click the Background entry to specify a transparent background for the layer or choose a background color from the list.
  10. To combine all the images on one map layer, select Combine Into One Layer. This is useful for combining a series of images to create a single layer; for example, you can combine images of each county to create a state map.

    If you combine the images, you must specify a single Image Format, Server CS Code, and Background for the resulting layer.

    When you select Combine Into One Layer, an Order entry appears next to each selected layer. Click the entry to change the order of the selected images within the combined layer.

  11. Click Add To Map.

The image is added to your map.