Theme and Analyze Data

Answer questions about your data and make decisions.

Theme Data

Use color themes to show the elevation of terrain or illustrate the population density of counties.

The colors give the viewer an immediate sense of the population distribution in California
Create themes by varying the style based on an attribute of the feature; for example, change the color of parcels based on their size.

Analyze Surfaces

Create contour maps and analyze geospatial data by exaggerating elevations or looking at maps in different light conditions.

Create Buffers

Use buffers to analyze features by proximity.

The buffer in this map defines an area within 1000 feet of the river. You can use the buffer to see which parcels lie within the flood zone.

Overlay Two Feature Layers

Use overlays to compare two feature classes or layers.

This map overlays two layers (a flood zone and an enterprise zone). You can use the overlay to see where the two intersect. That area becomes a new layer, which you can style and save out to a file and use as a separate data store.

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