Overview of the Display Manager
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The Display Manager displays styles for feature layers and drawing object layers. The styles you create for the map do not affect the actual objects in your map or in their original sources.

Drawing object layers are listed in italic text. Different operations are available for feature and drawing layers. Right-click a layer to see the available commands.

If a feature layer contains multiple geometry types, the Display Manager lists each one under the feature class that contains them. You cannot hide individual geometries from the Display Manager itself, but you can use the Style Editor to turn them on or off in the layer list. Only layers that are turned on in Display Manager will appear in a legend.

You can also use the Display Manager to change the display order and assign different styles to different views based on scale.

Although Display Manager updates data automatically, you can update it manually if things get out of synch. You can update the entire map or an individual layer to reread attribute data, re-evaluate expressions for styles and themes, and requery layers. You sometimes must refresh the items in the Display Manager. This operation does not affect the drawing.

Use the Display Manager to apply styles to features and drawing objects.

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