Overview of Finding and Selecting Features
Concept Procedure

Use these techniques to find and focus on a specific subset of features to work with.

Method Description
Filter (Data Table) Limit the number of records displayed in the Data Table to those that match the criteria you specify. You can zoom to, select, save, or print the filtered results in the map.

For example, find the rows of Road data in which Type = Major Road or Address = GROUSE DR, and highlight those features in the map.

Search to Select (Data Table) Find data that meets conditions that you specify. When AutoCAD Map 3D completes the search query, it highlights the data rows in the Data Table and the associated features on your map.

For example, search for all parcels with an area greater than five acres.

Search (in map) Define attribute and spatial search criteria, combine multiple criteria to create complex searches, and search across multiple feature classes in your map. Features that meet your Search criteria are selected in the map.
Filter Feature Layers (Data Connect or Display Manager) To reduce the scope of feature layers in your map, you can edit the query that brings in the data.

For example, if your map has an SDF layer containing all the parcels in California and you want only the parcels in San Francisco, you can edit the query so that the layer displays only the parcels you want.