Creating a Schema
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Use the Schema Editor to define a new schema in a new or existing feature source for a database FDO provider (Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle) or for an SDF data store. You cannot create a schema for an existing SHP feature source, but you can create a new file-based data store and create a schema for it during the creation process. You must use ESRI tools to create an ArcSDE schema—you cannot use AutoCAD Map 3D to create a schema for ArcSDE.

Some FDO Providers allow the client to override the default logical and physical mapping specified in their schema. You can use the Schema Editor to override classes, physical table names (to create a new table), Oracle tablespace names, MySQL storage engines, table-type mapping (base or concrete), properties, and column names when you define a new schema. You cannot map to an existing table.

If you are mapping to an existing table or view in another data store, make sure all column overrides correctly map to existing columns. If you map to a table or view with a different owner, have the owner of that table grant access to the FDO data store. You can create a local view that selects from the other table, and map to the local view, but this may not be necessary. The local view is created automatically if it is not present when you apply your changes.

If you are mapping to a table and column in the current data store that does not yet exist, make sure that the column name is valid for your database.

You must create schema elements hierarchically: create the schema first, then its feature classes, and then its properties.

For feature sources from some FDO Providers, you can create multiple schemas within the same feature source and change the schemas after you define and save them the first time.

You can view a schema from any FDO Provider, but you cannot edit or delete it if there are existing features that use it.

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