Creating a Schema
Concept Procedure

To create a schema

  1. Connect to the feature source in which you want to create the schema.
  2. In Map Explorer, select the feature source in the connection tree (at the top of the pane) and click Schema Edit Schema.
  3. In the Schema Editor, expand the Schema tree and do one of the following:
    • To create a schema, select Schemas (the top-most node in the Schema tree) and click New Schema on the Schema Editor toolbar.
    • To create a feature class, select the parent schema in the Schema tree and click New Feature Class on the Schema Editor toolbar.
    • To create a property, select the parent feature class in the Schema tree and click New Property on the Schema Editor toolbar.
  4. Specify the settings for the new schema element in the right-hand pane.

    See Setting Up Constraints in the Schema Editor for information on limiting the valid values for a property.

  5. Repeat the preceding two steps as required to create other schema elements.
  6. Click Apply to apply your changes and leave the Schema Editor open.

    When you click Apply or OK, your changes are submitted to the data store. You can add feature classes and properties, but you cannot edit your previous work.

  7. Click OK to apply any unsaved changes and close the Schema Editor.