Editing a Schema
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You can edit a schema, feature class, or property if the FDO provider supports updateable schemas (for example, Microsoft SQL Server, SQL Server Spatial, MySQL, Oracle, and SDF all support updateable schemas).

If you open a non-updateable schema in the Schema Editor you can view its settings, but you cannot change them.

You cannot edit or delete any schema, feature class, or property if there are existing features that use it.

Z and M Dimensions

The FDO Provider for SQL Server Spatial does not support Z and M dimensions, due to limitations of their support by SQL Server 2008. When you define new geometry properties for feature classes in the AutoCAD Map 3D Schema Editor, the options to include Z and M will not be available.

Naming Restrictions

You can use the Schema Editor to import a feature schema collection from an XML file. When importing, you can modify these schemas to conform to the restrictions of the current provider connection.

For example, if you are connected to an Oracle data store, feature class names may be limited to 22 characters. If you import a feature schema collection that includes feature class names that are longer, you will need to rename those feature classes during import to meet the restrictions of the Oracle connection.

If you import an FDO-enabled SQL Server Spatial schema collection into a non-FDO schema connection, Schema Editor will display error messages that tell you which names need to be adjusted.

NoteIf you try to set a physical override (for example, name a property column to something other than the property name), you'll see an error message about accessing protected memory.

Changing the Provider Name

The Schema Editor determines the current provider based on substrings in the provider name. If you do not have Service Pack 1, the SQLServer and SQLServerSpatial provider names both contain the substring SQLServer, which causes an error. (The resulting error message is “Value does not fall within the expected range.”)

To resolve this error, install Service Pack 1 or rename the provider.

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