Running Workflows
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To run a workflow

  1. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, on the Tools tab Workflow panel, select a workflow from the list.

    If the workflow you want is not in the list, click Open Workflow From File at the bottom of the list.

  2. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Tools tabWorkflow panelRun Workflow.
  3. If prompted, specify the values for the parameters of the workflow.

    For example, the Overlay workflow requires you to specify the data store to connect to.

    If the workflow requires parameters for any of its activities, it displays a prompt.

    • To connect to a file, select the appropriate provider and click and navigate to the file.
    • To connect to a SHP folder instead of a file, select the SHP provider and click the asterisk to specify the folder.

    The workflow performs the activities in its definition and displays the result.

    For example, the built-in Overlay workflow connects to the specified data stores, performs the overlay, and displays the resulting layers in your map. The overlay itself is saved as a Display Manager layer and as a separate SDF file in the location specified in the workflow. The connections appear in Map Explorer and in the Data Connect window.

  4. If you changed any parameters in response to a prompt, you can save or discard the changes when the workflow is complete.