Viewing and Editing Feature Properties
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To edit feature properties in the Properties palette

  1. Select the features and objects to edit.

    To change a single value for multiple features (for example, to change the zoning type for multiple parcels to Commercial), select only those features.

    NoteYou can select both features and drawing objects. However, you must select either features or drawing object types to see any properties.
  2. Right-click any selected feature or object and click Properties on the menu that appears.
  3. In the Properties palette, do any of the following:
    • To view only features, or only a particular type of drawing object, change the selection in the drop-down list at the top of the Properties palette.

      To see only features, select Map Features from the list.

      Drawing objects are listed by their geometry type. For example, to see only the properties for the line objects you selected, select Lines from the list.

    • To see the properties for a single selected layer, or to switch between selected layers, click the entry for Layer under Filter By Layer. Select a layer.

      For example, if you selected features that are stored on four different layers, select one of those layers to see its properties only. Any features that were selected on the other layers remain selected.

    • To change a value, click in its field and enter a new value.

      If you enter a value that uses the wrong data type (for example, if you enter text in a field that allows only numerals), the value reverts back to the last valid value. If you specify a invalid date value in a date field, you will see an error message.

      For properties that have value constraints, click in the field to see a list with the available values. If you enter an invalid value for a constrained property, you will see an error message.

      For other fields, hover over the property name to see information on the acceptable values.

      To set the value for a property to “NULL,” click in the value field and select <NULL> from the drop-down list in that field. If <NULL> does not appear in the list, the property cannot have a null value.

      NoteDo not enter the text string “Null.” This will not produce a null value, but will be treated as a text string.

      Your edits apply to all selected features in the selected layer. The feature source is updated immediately if Update Edits Automatically is on.

      For more information on changing drawing object properties, see Displaying and Editing Object Data for a Drawing Object.