Plot to PDF

PDF files are very widely used for exchanging graphical data and have become an industry standard for print-ready documents. The advantage of the PDF format is that new computers usually have the PDF reader software already installed. If you create a document in PDF format and send it by email, you can be fairly sure that your recipient will be able to open it without any difficulty.

AutoCAD Map 3D 2010 has a new PDF print driver, which comes with the new release of the underlying AutoCAD software. The new driver has a number of significant features that make it easy to use PDF as a medium for plotting, publishing, and sharing your maps:

You can plot single sheets or multiple sheets to PDF. Layers that appear in any of the plotted sheets are included in the list in the PDF output. For example, the illustration below shows a layout ready for plotting in AutoCAD Map 3D. This map has 90 AutoCAD layers (shown in the Layer Properties Manager on the left), and 15 Display Manager layers (on the right).

When the layout is plotted, the PDF file that has been generated opens automatically in the Acrobat Viewer and the layers are displayed. The illustration below shows the PDF version of the map with the list of layers that appear in the default view. The list of layers includes all of the AutoCAD layers and the Display Manager layers that are visible in the current sheet.


The animation below shows how to plot a single sheet to a PDF file. The paper size and page layout have already been set. In this case, the size of the sheet to be plotted is 24” x 18” (Arch C).

Show me how to plot to a PDF file