Move Field-collected Point Data to a GIS Feature Store

You can move data from an ASCII point file to any supported GIS data store. For example, you can integrate the ASCII points with existing GIS data or create new layers of information. This example creates an SDF file from the point information. Use the same basic steps to move the data to a SHP file or to a spatial database (for example, Oracle, ArcSDE, or SQL Server).

Open or create a drawing using a map template

Choose the coordinate system that corresponds to the field-collected data

Create a survey data store for the point data. It is saved as an SDF file, bout you cannot edit its schema.

Import the ASCII file containing the point information

Organize the point data using projects and point groups

Save the Display Manager layer containing the points as a geospatial data store

Attach the resulting data store to your map

Change the appearance of the points

Use a feature property as a variable in labels