Update a Cadastral Map Using COGO Commands

Cadastral surveying helps to determine and define land ownership and boundaries. This information is necessary for tax assessment, as well as development decisions. Developers submit, update, and redraw plot plans. They need up-to-date, accurate cadastral data to be sure they have not compromised legal boundaries or easements.

Updating the boundaries for cadastral data involves matching legal and other written descriptions to the physical map of the area in question. Use COGO commands to “translate” written descriptions of property boundaries into a GIS parcel feature.

In the cadastral base map, use the Data Table to find and select the feature in the map

For example, to add a parcel to an existing parcel data store, create a new polygonal feature on that layer

As you create the feature, enter its dimensions using coordinate geometry (COGO) commands

Use the Data Table to enter attribute information for the feature you created

Update the data store with the new feature geometry and attributes