Create a Layout Template for Plotting

Once you design your map in model space, you can design a layout for plotting it. A layout specifies printer settings, and can include visual elements such as a title block or north arrow. Save the layout as a template to reuse with other maps.

Tasks in this workflow are linked to topics in the AutoCAD Help. Consult the AutoCAD Help for further information. For a tutorial on customizing a template for plotting map books, see Tutorial: Creating a Map Book With an Inset.

Each map has a model space tab and one or more layout tabs

Specify settings such as plotting device, paper size, plot area, plot scale, and drawing orientation. Insert a title block if desired

Be sure to create a layer to use for layout viewports

Set the orientation, scale, and layer visibility of the view in each layout viewport

Add measurement annotations to the layout as needed

Annotate the layout as needed

Use the Layers toolbar or the Layer Manager to turn off a layer

You can also right-click the layout tab and click Plot

Save the layout to reuse with other maps

Use DesignCenter to open a saved layout template in a different map