Theme Options for Polygon Feature Layers
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To set styling options for polygon features

  1. Create a theme for a polygon feature layer.
  2. In the Theme Polygons dialog box, the default Style Range shows the colors that will be used for each rule. To change them, click
  3. In the Style Area dialog box, change any of the following:
    • Select Apply Fill To The Polygons and choose a Fill Pattern from the list. To use transparency, choose Solid.
    • If you chose Solid, for Foreground Transparency, specify a value from 0 through 100, where 0 is solid and 100 is transparent.
    • For Foreground Color, select Generated Between Two Colors or Color Palette.

      For Generated Between Two Colors, specify the beginning and ending colors for the theme. The intermediate colors will be calculated automatically, but you can adjust them.

      For Color Palette, choose a palette from the list.

    • Specify a Background Color, if appropriate.
    • If you want a border, select Apply A Border To The Polygons and choose a line pattern, thickness, and color.
  4. Click OK twice.