About the Polygon Features Tutorial

AutoCAD Map 3D has options that are designed for geospatial features with polygon geometry. For example, you can do any of the following:

In this tutorial, you connect to geospatial data for parcel polygons. You split a parcel into two uneven new parcels and assign attributes to each resulting parcel using split/merge rules.

You join a data source to the parcels to add assessor data. You export the parcel layer to create a data store that contains the joined data as part of its native schema.

Connecting to the new data store, you create a property called “ValueByArea.” ValueByArea is a calculated property that represents the area of each parcel divided by the last sales price logged in the joined data store. You create a theme based on an expression that references the calculated property.

Finally, you publish your map to MapGuide, so others can view it on a website. You must have rights to a MapGuide 2009 Server, which supports the new templates used in this exercise. To do this exercise, you must have credentials and write rights.