Finding Commands

If you know the command you want but cannot locate it in the ribbon, use these tools to find it.

Ribbon Command Locator

The Ribbon Command Locator displays the current ribbon location for menu commands you used in previous releases of AutoCAD Map 3D. If the command is not on the ribbon, the Ribbon Command Locator tells you how to access it.

To locate a command on the ribbon

  1. In the InfoCenter field, type the name of the command.
  2. In the list that displays, choose Find A Command On The Ribbon.
    NoteYou can also click Tools tab Customization panel Ribbon Command Locator.
  3. In the Ribbon Command Locator window, specify the workspace you used in the previous release.
  4. Select the command from a menu to see its current ribbon location (or an alternative way to access it).

    Choose the command from the menu you used in the previous release of AutoCAD Map 3D. Its current location appears in the Location In Ribbon field.

Search Field

Type a command name into the application menu Search field to issue that command or display its dialog box.

The Search field is at the top of the application menu.

To use the Search field

  1. Click to see the application menu.
  2. In the field at the top of the menu, type all or part of the command name.

    For example, type define. Commands beginning with the word “define” are displayed.

  3. In the list that displays, click the appropriate entry.

    For example, if you typed define, click Define Query to display the Define Query Of Attached Drawing(s) dialog box.

    NoteIf you customized the ribbon, the command might not be in the indicated location. To find its current location, use the Ribbon Command Locator instead.

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