Customize Your Working Environment

Customize AutoCAD Map 3D

The layout of the ribbon, toolbars, and dockable windows is saved in a workspace.

You can customize an existing workspace or create a new one. You can save different workspaces for different tasks, use them to help you streamline common tasks, or set up best practices for mapping tasks and workflow.

For example, you can set up a map creation workspace to streamline acquiring, integrating, and building maps. Set up another workspace for creating and publishing map books and atlases.

Within a session, you can switch between workspaces.

Customize Your Maps

Customize map settings and optionally save the resulting map as a template. For each map, you can do the following:

Create and Use Automated Workflows

Automate a task that involves multiple activities with workflows. For each activity, you can specify input parameters and settings.

You can use the properties of one activity as the input parameter for a later activity in the workflow. For example, set up an overlay workflow that specifies the feature classes to compare and the type of overlay to perform.

You can also specify that some settings can be changed at run time. For example, use the same overlay workflow for any pair of feature classes, selecting the feature classes when you run the workflow.

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