Import ASCII Points dialog box

The Import ASCII Points dialog box allows you to specify settings for bringing in ASCII survey point data.

To bring ASCII point data into a Survey Data Store

Right-click any node in the Survey Tree on the Survey tab of the Task Pane, then click Import ASCII Points.

File Location

Click to select an ASCII file to import.

Select Formatting

Select the format of the source data using the Format drop-down list. Formats describe the layout of the data in your source files using the following convention:

  • P is point ID
  • E is Easting, or longitudinal values
  • N is Northing or latitudinal values
  • Z is elevation values
  • D is description

Make sure that you select the correct format plus delimiter type (comma or space) for your data source.

The Autodesk Uploadable File format is as follows: User-Defined (point ID, description, or any other type of data), X, Y, Z. It is a comma-separated format, and uses the # character for comment text.


Select the unit of measure for elevation (US Feet, International Feet, Meters, or Chains)


The Preview window shows you a sample of the ASCII data. You can use the Preview to verify that you have selected the desired file.

Coordinate System Assignment

Enter the coordinate system code for your new Survey Data Store. Click to select the coordinate system from a list.